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The Importance of Professional Marketing

At Pinewood Realty Group, we don't put a for sale sign in your front yard and call it a day. We aggressively market your home to find the perfect buyer! We work with a national marketing agency that brings state-of-the-art marketing practices to your front door. We bring in a professional photographer, a professional drone operator, and professionally designed literature and social media marketing to bolster your home’s presence on the market.

We also door-knock your neighborhood! Yes, you read that correctly. It may seem like something ancient, but it stands out in this industry and makes a world of difference to generate interest and to keep your home on top of mind.

Again, at Pinewood Realty Group, we don’t just list your home, we market it so we can find just the right buyer. That is the Pinewood Difference!


Find your dream home today!

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