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New Homeowners!

Meet Sarah and Collins!

When we met these two, they were first-time home buyers, and had been searching for a while in the crazy real estate market. The offers they put on homes weren’t getting accepted - there were often 10+ offers on each house and mostly all cash buyers. After looking for a while, they became pretty discouraged and felt a little defeated. It’s not easy to find a home in this market!

When they came to us - we were more than happy to help them find their perfect home! We love seeing our clients find just the right home, and we are willing to do what it takes to make that happen.

There was one neighborhood they had in mind that would allow them to be closer to friends and family. One night, a house in that very neighborhood came on the market! We immediately went over, at 9:30 PM, to show them the house. It was an instant connection - we put an offer on it the next day, along with a small note of why that house would mean a lot for them to own. The offer was accepted over multiple other offers, including a cash offer.

Our communication, aggressive pursuit and willingness to go the extra mile is what sets us apart. We love seeing it pay off with happy clients getting the home they love. That is what we like to call the Pinewood Difference.

Here’s a note from Sarah about her experience with us:

“From the first interaction with them up until the last signature on the closing documents, it felt like we were in the hands of people who truly cared and wanted the best for us. They were patient with us and didn’t push us into anything, always listening to what we were feeling yet still guided us in the process. They spent late nights going to see homes with us and worked tirelessly to negotiate the best deal possible.

Ultimately, they found the perfect house for us. We are in the neighborhood we really were hoping to be in and have an incredible home to share life with our closest family and friends that are now our neighbors. The process was seamless and it was an incredible experience for this first home buyer. I would work with them again in a heartbeat!”

We hope you will consider working with us in the future - selling, buying or renting, we’re always ready to give the Pinewood Difference!


Find your dream home today!

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